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Long time no post! I've been doing assignments and catching up on readings for uni and stuff. This meant that I did not go anywhere or do anything worth blogging about! 

However, last Thursday my friends and I headed over to Hyde Park for the Night Noodle Markets. We got there around 5:15, maybe, and the first thing we did was trying to find and fight for a table. We did and then as we were waiting for other people to arrive had to answer numerous "Is anybody sitting here?" inquiries. The lines weren't too bad. The food was ok. I only went to the Longrain and Spanthai stalls. In my head I was weighing whether the food and the price were worth it because a lot of the stuff was overpriced for what they were.

From Longrain. $12. Sausage and coleslaw basically. I wish I had gone for the soup dishes instead because I regret paying $12 for a sausage. XD

One of my friend's bowls from Longrain. I don't know if it's the curry or the soup dish but it was way better than what I had.

From Spanthai which I'm guessing was a fusion of Spanish and Thai food. $13 for 2 dish combinations. Chicken pad thai and chicken saffron rice. Really liked the chicken saffron rice. Pad thai was just normal pad thai.

But really you come to it not so much for the food or the overpriced alcohol but to enjoy a spring night in Sydney, outside, with friends. 

And here is where I would insert some photos of my friends but yeah, anonymity and such precludes me from doing so. XD 

I would also insert photos of Hyde Park but lots of my photos turned out quite blurry. Still such a noob with my dslr. 

So, Saturday is almost gone now. I had planned to write up some notes this weekend ...

Also, I bought tickets to GANTZ and GANTZ: Perfect Answer for November 19 for the Japan Film Festival. Excited and like, finally!



Blogging to distract self from mounting pile of assignments and oncoming exams ...

This is from a couple of weeks ago. Right after I went to see The Lion King in 3D, which I highly recommend only to see it in cinema form not really for the 3D.

Sukjai is a Thai restaurant on Pitt Street in Sydney. On this particular Saturday night it wasn't too crowded. It's dimly lit inside, which I liked, but was kinda terrible for taking photos. I liked it because it gave the dining experience a bit of an intimate feel. If you know Pitt Street, then you know that right next to Sukjai is another Thai restaurant. My friend was deciding which one to go to and decide on Sukjai because of its walls.

I love when restaurants are decorated interestingly and I love groups of frames like that. It gave the restaurant an artsy feel. Melbourne-like. In trying to google the name and address of this restaurant for the purposes of this blog post I stumbled across the review by SMH where in the opening paragraph was this
someone utters the three magic words every Sydney diner wants to hear: ''It's like Melbourne!''
That was my first impression too. I wonder if anyone in Melbourne walks into a restaurant and goes "It's like Sydney!" Once, again am terrible blogger and did not remember the names. I don't know the names of the dishes except the green curry. But I suppose that was rather obvious.

Between 4 people, we had 3 dishes plus rice and it ended up being 13 dollars per person when we divided up the bill at the end of the night. Reasonably priced. Green curry very spicy but very good. Yeah, not much of a review or anything. If you want to eat at a pretty and atmospheric, Melbourne-like Thai restaurant then Sukjai is for you. Much better than the Thai-looking-like-a-fast-food-restaurant that I pass on the bus on the way to the train station. It's set out like an Oporto or a Macca's, where you order at the counter but for Thai food. It doesn't look too nice inside. Anyhoo ...

I was supposed to be starting an essay today ... but woke up so, so late. Hope the weather in Sydney clears up for the weekend! I want to go out!

  • Find Sukjai at 415 Pitt Street, Haymarket 2000.

Sukjai Thai on Urbanspoon