Wassup ...; The Lion King 3D

I sometimes use that as a greeting, just so you know. Exam over and done with. Lots of pending assignments and neverending reading still left. But I'm currently on mid-sem break so all of that is next week's problem. So, this post is about Saturday! As you all know, if you were in Sydney, that Saturday was a pretty crap weather kind of day. After the really lovely and hot Friday us Sydney-siders were treated to rain, wind and cold. I did not feel like going out at all but I had promised to see The Lion King in 3D with a friend all the way in Westfield Bondi Junction.

I think the first time I watched The Lion King was on a pirated VHS. Yeah. My dad had 2 VCRs and his friends would come to him to make copies of videos. Then my dad would make an extra copy for us. (OMG, we sound so pov XD).

I have not rewatched it since I was a kid so I was wondering how it'd hold up. And ... IT WAS AMAZING. STILL. After all these years. And I may have shed silent tears in the cinema. The cinema I was in had a few little kids in it watching it for the first time. And they'd talk and ask questions. Like "Where's his dad" "What happened to his dead?" "They can't kill him!" "Remember!" "OMG it's his dad!" My friend and I kept hitting each other when a song would come on. It was really lovely, nostalgic experience. Came out of it feeling all warm and bubbly. It really hasn't lost its magic.

I don't think it was necessary for it to be in 3D. I think a re-release with a few touch ups if needed would have been more than enough. 3D really didn't add anything more to this film, except a few more bucks. The film is perfect on its own. It doesn't need 3D. Now I'm gonna try to find my VHS copy and a VCR to rewatch. XD


Just one more ...

Have a horrible 9am exam tomorrow that I'm currently cramming for. Just that then I can blog about something. I don't know what exactly since I've been doing uni stuff and nothing interesting this whole time. XD Want to change blog design/layout too ...

Although, as soon as tomorrow's exams are over I know I still have other assessments that are due relatively soon. And a whole list of real life things to do as well ...

 Posting using the new blogger interface. How do you like it? It looks cleaner and nicer to me. Hopefully, it's easy to use as well ... seems like it so far.

 Lunch (pasta and chicken, me thinks), more coffee and study. Must not get distracted.


Procrastinating ...

Currently in assignment hell.

Just wanted to let you know.

Yeah. More coffee and back to it.

Think I'm gonna hand this in a day late. Ah, well. Better than handing it in on time but crap.

Also, I hate Mondays.


It's been a while

and I haven't updated due to sheer laziness.

And now that I have a whole bunch of things to read and assignments, I'm procrastinating by blogging.

A group of my friends and I got tickets to the K-Pop Concert in November. We'll be sitting in VIP seating. We didn't think the standing/mosh pit looking area was for us. And I don't really want to stand for that long! By the row letter I don't think we're that close to the stage. Definitely not front row but it's still closer than I suppose the other tickets. Can't believe I spent $289 on it. I don't really know the groups all that well. XD

If you've been watching the Korean variety show I Am A Singer, some of the singers of that show are coming down to Melbourne and doing a show at the Sidney Music Myer bowl on 12th October. I don't have a source or link to it. My friend who is a massive fan of that show found the info. A group of my friends want to head down to Melbourne for it and then stay for the weekend. I'm tempted to go but, oh, money. Haven't been to Melbourne for a couple of years and it's so fun to go with a whole bunch of friends. Ah, so tempting!

Yesterday, I headed off to Downing Centre to see my tutor cross-examine a witness. I felt so out of place dressed so casually in this building full of suits. Firstly, I had no idea what room he'd be in. It's just by sheer chance that I even figured out where he was. My friend and I saw a couple of traffic matters. We took too long a lunch and thought we missed seeing our tutor in action. By chance, we wandered and looked for another open court to sit in and he was in there. We missed most of it but at least got to see the cross-examination of one witness. And in his arguments he mentioned things that I now know! I couldn't believe that I was seeing stuff taught in the classroom in practice. Gave everything we've been studying a lot more context. I was slightly more motivated. But that was yesterday. At the moment, I'm a bit, meh. Damn, self.

And now, some photos:


Sukiyaki don from Sakae on Liverpool Street. We had wandered around for ages and were so hungry. The first Japanese restaurant we went to was full and had a 15 minute wait. But we were starving. All I had eaten that day was coffee and that's not even a food. It's been a long time since I've had donburi and miso soup. It was so so good on a somewhat cold night.

And don't forget the beer.!


Ramen from Ajisen Ramen on Liverpool Street. This is where I had my long lunch. We were trying to figure out what time we had to go back. Then we got paranoid and ate our food pretty fast. So, did not get the chance to properly enjoy my gyoza ramen. :(

I went to Kinokuniya yesterday and oh, so many things I wanted to buy! There is a sale that ends today. 20% off books and there's some other discounts on stationery as well. I was so surprised to see this, Nippon no Arashi there. My friend bought it for me and I owe her. I haven't even known her for that long and she bought it for me. It was priced at $23.88 but with the discount it was $19.10. So yays. I've flicked through it so far but the size of it is so cute. I just find the size and look of it cute. :) So many Japanese magazines I wanted to buy. Magazines with free bags or with Kis-My-Ft2 or Ikemen desu ne cast on the cover.

Things I'm looking forward to this week: sleepover on Thursday night! It's mid-sem break for UNSW students. I'm not a UNSW-er anymore but I have Thursday and Friday free so yay!

Also, Doctor Who "Let's Kill Hitler" on ABC1 7:31pm tonight, if you still haven't seen it!

Okay, that was sufficient time wasted. Back to studying.