Sydney Noraebang

I always walk past it and it always looked dodgy to me. But I was wrong. I don't have the exact street address but you've seen it, probably. On George Street. You take a lift to go upstairs. It's rather pretty inside. Clean.

We went on a Thursday night, around 10 or 10:30pm, maybe. There was a security guard to greet us on entry to check bags. For the 6 of us, for 1 hour, it was $30 but since we split it it came out to $5 a person. The best part of Sydney Noraebang, for me, alcohol. They have alcohol. We always go to SM Karaoke since my friends are members of the Korean Students Association or something so we get discounts. Downside of SM Karaoke is that they only have VB, if they have alcohol at all. But at Sydney Noraebang, my memory's a little fuzzy so let's not rely on this too much XD, Vodka Cruisers, Smirnoff Black in a can, beer ... I opted for Smirnoff Black in a can ($7). We also got a complimentary bowl of prawn chips and one of the employees follows you with a tray of the prawn chips and the drinks all the way back to your room, which was pretty cool.

We got, maybe, 10 minutes of extra time. At SM karaoke they usually give us a lot of free time, which is another reason why we frequent that particular venue so it ends up being good for value for money. But, alas, not the case at Sydney Noraebang. It's one of the reasons why my friends don't go there that often. Well, actually, my friend told me it's a main reason. XD

But, all in all, good fun.

Sidenote, we had 7 minutes left of karaoke time. My friends and I bought more Smirnoff Black for the road. And the guy at the counter said something to the effect of "But you only have a little time left" and my friend and I were thinking "Yeah, we can drink that fast". XD


DAISO Japan, Chatswood

I've been hearing about DAISO in Chatswood for a while. Kept meaning to go. Also, this was my first time in Chatswood. Yes, I've hardly been anywhere north of Sydney. I'm more of a City and west kind of girl. DAISO is in the Mandarin Centre (61-65 Albert Avenue, Chatswood).

I went to DAISO once in Japan. I went to the one in Hiroshima. I vaguely remember lots and lots of levels with lots of lots of things. Nothing in DAISO is a famous brand. I guess they're just DAISO-made products? My friends and I made use of a basket trolley and wandered around. It was everything from beauty products to coat hangers to toys to neck warmers.

There was a decent amount of customers in store. A mix of people. It was really cute hearing little kids speaking Korean or Japanese. So, so cute. Though, aisles could be wider. Really tried hard not to bump into other people.

After going through all the aisles I ended up buying a photo album, mascara (x3) and a nail buffer. Everything is $2.80 so my 5 items cost me $14.

If I go back I think I'd buy more of the storage and kitchen items. They looked pretty cute and durable.

Also, Jetstar sales ... why do you tempt me so?!


Petaling Street, Sydney

My friend from Malaysia suggested this particular eatery. Apparently it's a pretty famous chain of restaurants. It's relatively new. Closer to Central than to Town Hall. When you walk in the dining area seems small but they have a larger downstairs area that seats more diners.

On opening the menu I was confronted (hmm, confronted is too strong of a word, but I mean something like that) with a whole list of dishes that I have never encountered before. Too much variety. In the end I left a lot of the choosing to my Malaysian friend. We ended up ordering 5 dishes, since there was 5 of us, to share.

Chicken curry
Hotter than I expected and I'm generally good with hot food. Made my tongue burn.

Prawn laksa

And a drink to cool you down and save your tongue:

Ribena and sprite

Overall, it was pretty good food. I was very, very, full afterwards. Next time I go I want to try to some of the other dishes. Hopefully they won't be as spicy as the curry or the soup dish that is not the laksa. We shared the bill so it was about $15 per person. The waitresses kept coming back to the table to refill water glasses, which was a nice touch and desperately needed. XD

  • Find Petaling Street at 760 George Street, Sydney.
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Nakashima, The Rocks

First post of 2012!

I haven't really been out of the house really. But on Wednesday I made my first trip out to the city for 2012 on a 35 degree day. So much sweat!

It was a friend's belated birthday dinner at Nakashima, a small Japanese restaurant at The Rocks.

White wine
First drink is free between 6pm and 7pm. I had white wine.

But then I also ordered a glass of plum wine, $6.50. Tastes a little like a cherry Starburst.

Sake also available.

Gyoza - $7.00
Yeah, for 5 pieces. See, why? Gyoza in Japan is much cheaper. I love gyoza and I would love to eat lots of it without worrying about price. This is not aimed at this restaurant specifically but at all Japanese restaurants in general. Trying to be considerate of guests I only had one. XD

Beef tataki
Beef tataki

Tempura, entree sized

Soft-shell crab salad
Soft-shell crab salad
This was probably my favourite dish of the night. First time I've ever had it too. Crunchy and not too oily. Wanted it all for myself.

Katsu Curry
Sashimi and sushi
Age shumai
Age shumai

And obligatory Japanese beer:

It worked out well, price wise. Around $18 per person just for food (for 7 people) because we shared the bill, not counting the alcohol. Nakashima doesn't seem to accept EFTPOS but accepts credit. So, have cash handy.

It wasn't busy the night that we went but there were only 2 waitresses and at times it was hard to get their attention to order. But they were friendly enough. I would like to go again and just pig out and try more of the things on the menu.

  • Find Nakashima  at 7 Cambridge Street, The Rocks, Sydney.
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