Petaling Street, Sydney

My friend from Malaysia suggested this particular eatery. Apparently it's a pretty famous chain of restaurants. It's relatively new. Closer to Central than to Town Hall. When you walk in the dining area seems small but they have a larger downstairs area that seats more diners.

On opening the menu I was confronted (hmm, confronted is too strong of a word, but I mean something like that) with a whole list of dishes that I have never encountered before. Too much variety. In the end I left a lot of the choosing to my Malaysian friend. We ended up ordering 5 dishes, since there was 5 of us, to share.

Chicken curry
Hotter than I expected and I'm generally good with hot food. Made my tongue burn.

Prawn laksa

And a drink to cool you down and save your tongue:

Ribena and sprite

Overall, it was pretty good food. I was very, very, full afterwards. Next time I go I want to try to some of the other dishes. Hopefully they won't be as spicy as the curry or the soup dish that is not the laksa. We shared the bill so it was about $15 per person. The waitresses kept coming back to the table to refill water glasses, which was a nice touch and desperately needed. XD

  • Find Petaling Street at 760 George Street, Sydney.
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