Nakashima, The Rocks

First post of 2012!

I haven't really been out of the house really. But on Wednesday I made my first trip out to the city for 2012 on a 35 degree day. So much sweat!

It was a friend's belated birthday dinner at Nakashima, a small Japanese restaurant at The Rocks.

White wine
First drink is free between 6pm and 7pm. I had white wine.

But then I also ordered a glass of plum wine, $6.50. Tastes a little like a cherry Starburst.

Sake also available.

Gyoza - $7.00
Yeah, for 5 pieces. See, why? Gyoza in Japan is much cheaper. I love gyoza and I would love to eat lots of it without worrying about price. This is not aimed at this restaurant specifically but at all Japanese restaurants in general. Trying to be considerate of guests I only had one. XD

Beef tataki
Beef tataki

Tempura, entree sized

Soft-shell crab salad
Soft-shell crab salad
This was probably my favourite dish of the night. First time I've ever had it too. Crunchy and not too oily. Wanted it all for myself.

Katsu Curry
Sashimi and sushi
Age shumai
Age shumai

And obligatory Japanese beer:

It worked out well, price wise. Around $18 per person just for food (for 7 people) because we shared the bill, not counting the alcohol. Nakashima doesn't seem to accept EFTPOS but accepts credit. So, have cash handy.

It wasn't busy the night that we went but there were only 2 waitresses and at times it was hard to get their attention to order. But they were friendly enough. I would like to go again and just pig out and try more of the things on the menu.

  • Find Nakashima  at 7 Cambridge Street, The Rocks, Sydney.
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