2011: Looking back

Pardon my vague recollections. I always say every year that I should write stuff down more often, since my memory fails me a lot. XD

Year of the Rabbit
Still in summer school. Bane of my existence at this point.

Out the window
Summer school came with exams. Who knew? Also, celebrated a couple of friends' birthdays this month.

Gelatissimo on George Street, Sydney
And uni was back. This photo ... I don't know. This was after someone's graduation and we stopped by here after dinner post-Graduation. March was filled with lots of graduation ceremonies ...

... as was April. Well, not lots. Just the one. Had a so-so Easter and a terrible birthday.


Fan meet. Also, a friend came to visit from Japan.

15. Crystallized

Vivid Sydney. Supanova. End of semester cramming time. Was the sponsor for my cousin's confirmation. How old did I feel ...


Holidays and being utterly bored. Sleepover and ice-skating and Hooters and saying farewell to another friend who was off to Korea.


Food with friends while uni started up again.


Sleepover. Birthday. The Lion King 3D.

Sleepover and uni and ...


Exam time. Dying. K-Pop concert too. Said goodbye to a couple more friends who were off to Taiwan to study.


Summer school. Christmas shopping. Christmas. I loved the feeling around this time of the year and alas, over all too soon ..

An uneventful year. But hard still. I got through it somehow. I can't believe I'm so close to finishing my JD. Still a lot of things left undone. I always make New Year's Resolutions. Lots of people saying if it's worth doing you should start now but I think the extra push of the New Year. One of my NY's Resolutions is to finally complete a Project 365. If you don't know, basically, take a photo a day. It's a leap year though so it'll be Project 366?

The way I measure how good a year is has been is if I'm at a different place at the end of the year than I was at the beginning. And I'm at the same place. But I like a new year. A fresh slate! More opportunity for change!

So, here's to a bright, hopeful, prosperous 2012!

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