3 sleeps to go

All my shopping is done. Which means no waking up early on Christmas Eve, trying to beat the crowds to do some last minute, stressed shopping. I was watching the news and Westfield Parramatta is trading until midnight tomorrow night. Crazy. I suppose if you're a shift worker you wouldn't have the time so it'd be really helpful. I wonder how busy it'd be ... I'd want to go just once for the experience I think.

I popped by The Face Shop in The Galeries Victoria yesterday. I was just going to buy random things for gifts for my cousins. They have baskets with a few things wrapped in a bag. So, I guess a gift bag? But rather it being priced as a set, they're priced individually. That is to say, everything in the bag is scanned. So, it's like buying it individually but they've taken the effort to put it in a bag to take away the thinking for you. Which is not a bad thing, really. I wouldn't know how to sift through all the products in the store and figure out some sort of combination of them that would work as a present.

Also, if you spend over $30 you can apply for a membership card. Though, the sales assistant at the register didn't offer this, which I thought was odd (from my limited Christmas retail experience). Every time I've been to Myer this Christmas shopping period I've always been offered a Myer One card, which I decline. Though, considering how much I spent at Myer this Christmas ... Also, every time I buy something at Kinokuniya I always think I should get a membership card too. Don't know if it's worth it now that I've already bought a whole bunch of stuff.

On holidays until the 10th January. Am not going to use my brain and forget about uni for a while. Well, as much as I can. I need to still work on some uni things ... ugh.

Also, long lines for Haigh's chocolate. I don't understand why.

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