Blue Fish, Darling Harbour

My friend was leaving for the leaving the country for a year and one of things he wanted to do/eat before he left was have fish and chips. He was headed to Taiwan and then Korea and I'm kinda iffy on whether they have fish and chips. The Saturday before we had walked around Darling Harbour and all its restaurants and we remembered Blue Fish. Admittedly, it'd be easier and cheaper to go to a beach and order fish and chips from a local takeaway shop. But we didn't.

A waiter with an accent, I so thought he was speaking another language to us at first, enticed us with the prospect of a 15% discount between 4 - 6pm. We got the bill at 6:20 so it didn't apply. So get the bill early!

Blood orange martini
Blood orange martini - $15.50
Much more bitter than I thought it would be. I thought it'd be more orange-y tasting. Until my friend informed me that blood orange is kinda like grapefruit. So, sour. XD

1/2 dozen mixed oysters

Blue Fish Set
Blue Fish Set Menu - $29.50
The set came with a glass of wine and dessert (picture below).

Fisherman's Basket
Fisherman's basket - $31.50
My plate. So good. Needs more scallops and less of the crumbed, fried things.

Overall, good but overpriced. Though, looking back at the photos makes me crave fish and chips, which I can get at my local fish market for, wow, 1/4 of the price of what I spent in total. Maybe even less.

  • Find Blue Fish at 287 Harbourside Promenade, Darling Harbour, Sydney.
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