9 to go

Day 2 of shopping. Wandered during the break between classes. Dropped by There Zakka on Quay Street. It's a cute little store with things like necklaces, camera straps, bags, pens, cups, notebooks. A whole range of things. Lots of cute little things which I think are from Korea, judging by the writing. I bought the necklace (below) and a "blue celeste" coloured gel ink pen (not pictured and only 99 cents!) I think it's one of those pens that you can use to write on Polaroid and/or Instax films. I have yet to try it but it seems like it could.

Then went to Kinokuniya after class was over today. So many people in the city!

I've been slowly buying one of my cousins Naruto. He gets some volumes on his birthday and then again at Christmas. Kinokuniya didn't have volume 12. Some early bird shoppers took it! On the shelf there was a quite a jump from volumes between about 13 to then 55 or something, from memory. So, I guess lots of people had bought all the ones in between.

Bought Looking for Alaska for myself. I don't really know what it's about but I've heard of it and seen quotes from it on tumblr. I still haven't finished/started 1Q84 yet either. An assessment is coming up soon so probably now is not the best time to be starting to read non-essential materials.

As I was searching through the bags that we usually keep all the ribbons and stickers for Christmas presents and stumbled across some old photos and some postcards.

This is from a Melbourne trip from years and years ago. I forget which year. 2006, me thinks. My dad had gone overseas and I just planned to go to Melbourne, with friends, without telling anyone except my brother. My dad took the digital camera with him and so I had to make do with disposable film cameras for the whole trip. I love going on the Neighbours tour. I love going to the street. I love it. I love riding on the mini-bus with mostly British/European backpackers. It's much more fun that you'd think because it's something that you only see on TV, usually. It's so much smaller in real life too. I also recommend the Neighbours trivia night. Alcohol, trivia, backpackers and a few Neighbours actors. A surprisingly fun night out. I've been on the tour and the trivia night twice. Great fun both times!

And some postcards from 2009. Bought but never sent. I thought the photos were really pretty and I didn't want to give them to anyone. So selfish. Might frame them. Ah, I want to go again! I wrote a whole list of the things that I wanted for Christmas but I decided all I really want is money to help be save up from a trip to Japan next year. Things. I don't really need things. There's this tumblr post, that I can't find at the moment, that says something along the lines of "life experiences brings more happiness than things". It was probably phrased better but that was the gist. And I tend to agree. So, no things. I want money so I can have life experiences.

Apparently there's good stress, eustress, and that's kind of what Christmas is to me. I kinda like that feeling.

Sleep then more shopping when I wake up. Fun fun :D

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