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Been at home post-Christmas. I have absolutely no reason to go outside. I was supposed to wake up early today and go somewhere but alas, no. Woke up in the afternoon. Probably wasn't helped by the fact I was watching things until 5am. Am definitely going out tomorrow. Buy some things.

I've been catching up on TV shows. Finished Weeds season 7, Breaking Bad season 1. The DVDs of The Wire are on sale at the moment, so thinking of starting on that. Apparently it's really good.

Randomly picked up some of my old Korean notebooks. I want to attempt TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean). Aiming to do the April Beginners exam. Keep my brain working. Watching stuff just really dulls your brain. Hoping to do N4 of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) in December.

Also, it appears that I may end 2011 without my L's. Boo, self, boo.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas/long weekend! Mine was fun. Didn't get the things I wanted and I shouldn't complain but I always do. But I liked seeing how happy everyone was when they opened their gifts and liked them. And I can always just buy myself the stuff. Still have my list. XD Though, like my friend said to me, first world problem.

Also, this arrived today.

Present to myself. $32 USD then another $4 for shipping. On the day I bought it the Australian dollar wasn't on parity with the US dollar so it cost $37 AUD instead of $36.

So, enjoy the last few days of 2011. Hmm. This year, yeah ... happy to get rid of it.

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