... because it's almost summer and I have no summer clothes. And I almost always wear jeans so I need to buy some shorter pants or skirts or something.

So, yeah, t-shirts from Myer. Just an excuse for a post.


Think the yellow one was 25 bucks and the pink one 20 bucks. And somehow the nice lady at the register convinced me to get a Myer one card. It was free and I do shop there a lot at Christmas time so yay for another points card.

Yep. That is all.


A good cause

The follow-up appointment with the cardiothoracic surgeon was today. Turns out whatever it was in my dad's lung was not cancer but an abscess. (An abscess is "a collection of pus in any part of the body that, in most cases, causes swelling and inflammation around it.")

I was so relieved I wanted to cry.

In the hospital the doctor had said to my dad that it was lung cancer. At the appointment though the pathology report said that it was an abscess. After all that, it appears that my dad must have breathed in something that caused an infection. Maybe it had something to do with the pneumonia that he had in June which started this whole ball rolling.

In any case, it was not cancer but it was best to remove the abscess anyway. Somewhat related but not really, my dad has a follow-up with the GP about a cyst in his liver in December which is something not to be alarmed about I'm told.

Ever since my Aunt was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 I've become more aware of the prevalence of the disease in our society. When I was younger I thought it was something that happened to other people. However, more and more it seems that those other people are turning out to be someone you know. Just today my dad was telling me that one of our long time family friend and neighbour has cancer.

I volunteered for Pink Ribbon Day this Friday (though official day is Monday, 22nd October). I just wanted to do something. Sometimes I wish I had the brains to go into medical science but I don't so I'm going to help in any way that I can. You can still register to volunteer at

Anyhoo, if you see the stalls around town please buy something if you can!

Or you can donate at

Some links for more information:


Chinta Ria - The Temple of Love

A somewhat impromptu Public Holiday Monday dinner found my friends and me at Chinta Ria, Cockle Bay Wharf. It took me a while to find the place on my own. I've never been but I've read blog posts on other blogs about it. I went up a set of escalators much too early. To find it walk all the way down Cockle Bay Wharf until you hit the escalators leading to Pyrmont Bridge. Turn around and face the city and it'll be in that area on your right, hidden behind foliage (I'm not quite sure I used that word correctly ...) That's how I got there. There is probably another, maybe even easier, way.

The first sight that hits you is the massive Buddha. It's pretty in the low light. Well, I guess it's pretty in any light.


We had a table for six. I liked the colourful, retro-looking bowls and chairs. The restaurant had low lighting and the flash on DSLR was painful for my fellow dining companions so I used it minimally. As such, photos were too dark and not bloggable.

We ordered maybe 5 dishes, I forget which ones because it was a couple of weeks ago now. But these two were my favourite.

Beef Ria - $25.30

Roti Kari - $18.70

The other dishes, that escape my memory, weren't amazing. I guess that's why I don't remember. I think it has a very cosy atmosphere. Food wise, there's probably cheaper and better Malaysian restaurants out there. It's not bad but for the price (note: I'm still looking for work so ... XD) I was expecting some more bang for my buck, so to speak.

I think I'll go back one day to try some other dishes that perhaps are particular to this restaurant, if there are any.

The Buddha though. Amazeballs.

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Sugar Hit at Shangri-La Hotel

I've always heard of, but never been to, the Sugar Hit part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival. As part of the month long food fest you can eat assorted desserts coupled with a glass of wine for $20 at selected venues.

After dinner on Monday night, at a friend's suggestion and after googling, we headed to the Lobby Lounge at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney.


According to the website "The Lobby Lounge offers a decadent chocolate tasting plate with an assortment of handmade chocolates infused with rose, Earl Grey, orange, lavender and Irish whisky; with a glass of Brown Brothers dessert wine."


I am not the neatest eater. I was trying to figure out how to best eat these (also, could not figure out a good way to take a photo of the whole plate). In the end I ate with my hands. I did not know a good way to eat with just that fork. Also, I do not think the flowers are edible.

My favourite in that whole platter was that little chocolate, double layer dessert on the end with the puff-looking stuff on top (awesome blogger am I XD). There was an unexpected crunch when I got to the bottom and it was amazing.


For more info visit the Crave Sydney website:


Because Topshop opens tomorrow

... which is something I had no idea about it until I walked by the as-yet-not-opened store on Monday night.


The only Topshop I've ever been to has been in Manila in the Philippines. I'm glad that Australia, and especially Sydney because I'm a Sydney-sider, is getting more international clothing stores. I'm not quite sure of the price range. Hopefully it's pretty affordable.

Also, look at the girl in the last photo just looking at me taking a photo. XD