Chinta Ria - The Temple of Love

A somewhat impromptu Public Holiday Monday dinner found my friends and me at Chinta Ria, Cockle Bay Wharf. It took me a while to find the place on my own. I've never been but I've read blog posts on other blogs about it. I went up a set of escalators much too early. To find it walk all the way down Cockle Bay Wharf until you hit the escalators leading to Pyrmont Bridge. Turn around and face the city and it'll be in that area on your right, hidden behind foliage (I'm not quite sure I used that word correctly ...) That's how I got there. There is probably another, maybe even easier, way.

The first sight that hits you is the massive Buddha. It's pretty in the low light. Well, I guess it's pretty in any light.


We had a table for six. I liked the colourful, retro-looking bowls and chairs. The restaurant had low lighting and the flash on DSLR was painful for my fellow dining companions so I used it minimally. As such, photos were too dark and not bloggable.

We ordered maybe 5 dishes, I forget which ones because it was a couple of weeks ago now. But these two were my favourite.

Beef Ria - $25.30

Roti Kari - $18.70

The other dishes, that escape my memory, weren't amazing. I guess that's why I don't remember. I think it has a very cosy atmosphere. Food wise, there's probably cheaper and better Malaysian restaurants out there. It's not bad but for the price (note: I'm still looking for work so ... XD) I was expecting some more bang for my buck, so to speak.

I think I'll go back one day to try some other dishes that perhaps are particular to this restaurant, if there are any.

The Buddha though. Amazeballs.

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