Le Pelican, Surry Hills

Last Thursday my friends and I headed to contemporary French Restaurant Le Pelican in Surry Hills. Though I think Surry Hills is a bit misleading XD. We GPS'd our way to it and walked the backstreets. We didn't realise that if you continued up Oxford Street for a bit and then turn right you'll find it much more easily.


There was about 30 of us. I'm guess-timating here and we had the $70 A la carte menu.


They placed a copy of the menu at every seat. Once everyone arrived the ordering process was explained. The waitress would come around to each person and take the orders for all 3 courses: Entrée, main and dessert.

Complimentary bread

“Pâté Maison” onion jam & cornichon
Out of all of the entrees, this would have been the most filling. But I suppose, that's not what entrees are for.

Seared scallops, new season garlic, braised cos, guindilla & mullet roe
I was expecting more scallops, to be honest.

Coorong Angus onglet, potato mille-feuille & sauce vierge

House smoked Flathead pie, “lobster bisque”
This was pretty good. And rather filling. That bowl is deep. I barely finished it because I was getting pretty full.

Soufflé "Retour du marché"
Don't let the colour trick you. It's strawberry or berry flavoured which was totally unexpected when I took a bite.

Buttermilk Vacherin, dried fruits & maple syrup
Too much crushed ANZAC biccie and not enough sorbet.

Chocolate fondant, thyme ice cream
When you open it up, chocolate gushes out. The chocolate's not too sweet but it's still good.

Overall, it was a good dining experience. The interior was very pretty. Food presentation was amazing. The food itself, wasn't as amazing as I expected for the price. But it was good and it was good to try somewhere different.

(NOTE: The names of the dishes might differ from what they are. I got the names from the online menu but it appears as though they're not exactly like the menu that we had on the night. And I didn't take a photo of the menu!)

  • Find Le Pelican at Shop 2, 411 Bourke Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010. 
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Day 1 of Christmas shopping

Firstly, I can't believe it's December already. This year, my gosh, went by so fast! But I say that every year.

And here's part of my tree! That's a Mickey Mouse ornament that I got from Disneyland Tokyo 3 years ago. I can't believe I haven't been back yet. Oh, I so need a job.


Despite the sweltering heat in Sydney (forecast said it would 42 degrees out where I am, car thermometer said 39 but I was in a shopping centre most of the afternoon so yeah) I ventured out into the world to get a start on Christmas. This is pretty early for me. I'm usually a late shopper. I didn't get much bought today. I'm still pondering on what the best gift is. My brother is like "Just get them photo frames! Just get them candles!" Like, how impersonal. Really. Not that they're bad gift ideas but, like, some effort would be nice. Unless you don't really care so much.

So, what I got so far for the grown ups (aunts and uncles).


- Candle gift set
- JAG wallet
- Tea cups and saucers


Tomorrow will probs be an update post about me and what's been going on. So, yeah, stay tuned for that. It will include a whole bunch of low quality camera phone photos!