QQ Desserts Internet Cafe

My friend had walked passed this last night and informed us of its existence. I don't have the exact address. It's on George Street, diagonal from World Square. It's next to the church. It's not officially opened. It officially opens this weekend with a "buy one get one free" offer. I'm looking at the flyer now and it says, more specifically, "buy any desserts to get a plate of QQ Frost dessert".

Half of the space is taken up with computers and the other with tables with cute stools and some board games on the top. In fact, the place is so new that the UNO cards still had the plastic wrapping on them.

Oh, I should have paid more attention to the names. But yeah. Desserts. You get the gist. XD

Apparently, they make their own ice-cream and bread. We had the toast, still warm, with mango and milk flavoured ice-cream. Not a mixture of the two. Just one scoop of mango and a scoop of milk ice-cream. I was not expecting the mix of corn, celery and pineapple inside the toast. Interesting flavour and combination. Not bad. Just new. And interesting.

Taro snowflake

Also, you guys, did not know there was Happy Lemon on George Street. Trying out later today.


  1. Omg I could do with some of that ice cream on bread and taro snowflake right now! My tummy is growling.. Wish they had happy lemon in Bris. Craving some of that green tea with cream cheese!

  2. @Joey C: I kept seeing other people post photos of the ice-cream bread thing, I'm sure it has a name, and yays for finding it somewhere rather close. Maybe Happy Lemon will branch out! Like chatime and easyway XDD