DAISO Japan, Chatswood

I've been hearing about DAISO in Chatswood for a while. Kept meaning to go. Also, this was my first time in Chatswood. Yes, I've hardly been anywhere north of Sydney. I'm more of a City and west kind of girl. DAISO is in the Mandarin Centre (61-65 Albert Avenue, Chatswood).

I went to DAISO once in Japan. I went to the one in Hiroshima. I vaguely remember lots and lots of levels with lots of lots of things. Nothing in DAISO is a famous brand. I guess they're just DAISO-made products? My friends and I made use of a basket trolley and wandered around. It was everything from beauty products to coat hangers to toys to neck warmers.

There was a decent amount of customers in store. A mix of people. It was really cute hearing little kids speaking Korean or Japanese. So, so cute. Though, aisles could be wider. Really tried hard not to bump into other people.

After going through all the aisles I ended up buying a photo album, mascara (x3) and a nail buffer. Everything is $2.80 so my 5 items cost me $14.

If I go back I think I'd buy more of the storage and kitchen items. They looked pretty cute and durable.

Also, Jetstar sales ... why do you tempt me so?!

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