Merry Christmas!

Somewhat belated.

I spent Christmas Eve with family, at church, then with family again as we opened up gifts at midnight. At least that was the plan. The distribution of gifts took longer than expected. Christmas just has this completely generous feeling about it. Good will and all that jazz. Even though I was in some what of an odd mood to begin with being surrounded by so much family and general happiness - just infectious.

And my favourite present this Christmas is my brand new Fuji Instax 210 Wide. A gift from my brother. I'm using the film sparingly since I only have 20. It's kinda big but it's worth it for the size of the picture. Though, a Mini is tempting though. Also, it seems that there's no photo albums specifically made for Wide film like there is for the Mini. I'm just putting them in a regular sized photo album for now until I can think of an alternative. I also got an Esprit wallet, some jewellery, some bath stuff, a brush and some money (my Aunt's overtime pay which was $14.50. Which was cute because the adults were all handing out money to kids and I don't count because I'm nearing mid-twenties and am not a kid XD).

Oh, Christmas. The next one is so far away! Still, there's New Year's Eve and New Year's Day then Australia Day and a few months after that my birthday! Still lots of other magic days left!

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