Uniqlo pop-up store in Sydney

So I didn't know this was happening until I bumped into a friend at Kinokuniya on Free Comic Book Day on May 3 and she told me about it. So after squeezing my way through the crowds in Kinokuniya my friend and I went to see the Uniqlo pop-up store on Pitt Street mall. There was a line. Too long of a line. We talked to one of the shop assistants and they said the store would be open until the end of the year so my friend and I decided to come back later.


There was a few Uniqlo staff, I'm guessing from Japan, outside using GoPros (is that the plural of GoPro?) to record some video of the opening and as well as of Pitt Street Mall.

Those two guys, one in the vest and the other in the black jacket, seemed to be Uniqlo employees.


And these were the two who were GoPro-ing the opening.


So the same shop assistant who told us it was going to be open until the end of the year and it seems they're using the pop-up store to gauge whether or not there's enough interest for a proper Sydney store. Every time I've walked by there seems to be a steady stream of customers and I've been seeing so many Uniqlo shopping bags around the city. Still haven't bought anything from there yet, though! Pay day come at me!!! XD

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