KuraKura, Haymarket

On Friday night a bunch of friends and I decided to head over, last minute, to the new KuraKura at Haymarket. It's right above Kura the small, almost always busy Japanese restaurant.

We got there past 7pm. No reservation. There were 9 nine of us and we were told we had to wait 30 minutes for a table. Which was fine. So we stood and chatted for a bit. Didn't feel like 30 minutes. Our rationale for staying and waiting was that most places would make you wait at this time on a Friday night. When a table big enough freed up we were led to a section in a back that caters for larger groups of diners.

And, as you know, I'm a terrible blogger. Names of dishes escape me ...

Gyoza, 10 pieces, $10.50
By the by, anyone know where you can get cheap/cheaper gyoza? I just want to pig out on gyoza and beer one day.

Mentaiko udon, $9.80
Apparently, according to a friend, it tasted very mentaiko-ish. However, maybe due to the alcohol I had already consumed, it tasted like creamy pasta to me. I couldn't really taste the mentaiko flavour nor the spiciness that the menu indicated with the picture of a chilli next to the dish on the menu.

Aburi salmon sushi
Which is one of my most favourite things ever.

On top of these there were other dishes ordered but I guess I didn't get around to taking photos of them on the night.

Drinks wise we order a bottle of umeshu for $25 since a friend, after coming back from spending 2 months in Japan, had gained a liking to it. Sake was ordered, as was umeshu and beer which came in a champagne glass.

There are no buttons on the table. Like to buzz the waiters/waitresses. So, if we wanted to order more we had to flag them down when they came to drop off the food or drinks. I guess, because it was busy, food came slowly than we would have liked but I was with a bunch of friends and chatting so time didn't feel that slow.

I would go again. Just to try all the other dishes that I didn't get to try yet!

  • Find KuraKura at Shop 2, 76 Ultimo Road, Haymarket 2000.
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