Takoyaki, Friday night markets

Blog feels neglected. Lots of things going on at the same time and I have poor time management.

But anyway ...

A couple of weeks ago before watching The Hunger Games a few friends and I went to the night markets in Chinatown for some food. I didn't take a lot of photos. The thing I wanted to eat the most were these takoyaki. I always walk by, look at the line and get discouraged but it doesn't take long. There's prawn, octopus and vegetable fillings at various prices, which I don't quite remember right now. You order, get a ticket and wait at the other side for your food. There's different types of sauces and wasabi available that you can add.


Yes, that is us eating night market food on the tables outside the McDonald's near the Entertainment Centre.

And I probably won't be blogging 'til after my last assessment in like 2 weeks but I wanted to blog something ... XD

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