I've been on mid-sem break now for a week. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. Everyone else is either at work or at uni. I HAVE NO ONE TO DO THINGS WITH. So, my mid-sem break has consisted mainly of sleeping. Catching up on sleep even though I know sleep doesn't work like that really.

Today is Thursday. I only have today and tomorrow left of my break and I have done NOTHING. I'm going to catch up on all the uni work I missed while trying to finish off other assessment tasks. Do the demo L's test until I get nothing wrong. Yes, I do not drive or even have my L's. I can't wrap my head around it. I just can't.

I was going to clean my room so I can't even use my desk. My desk is currently just a place where things are stacked. My desk that I use to do uni work and internet things is the dining table. Yep.

Been such a homebody ...

Anyhoo, I did go out yesterday.


Long stretch of road to nowhere, really.

I watched Iron Man 2 and Captain America in preparation for watching The Avengers sometime before Monday. Possibly on my lonesome. Everyone stop being so busy! Makes me feel so ... lazy in comparison. XD

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