Starbucks, Capitol Square (and stuff)

I took these photos last Monday morning. I had stayed out all night because of my cousin's birthday. We were at Wagaya Lantern until midnight singing (or rather screaming) at karaoke. Then we made our semi-tipsy way to Hungry Jack's on Oxford Street because it was the one where one of my cousins works at and we wanted to see it. It was closed so we went to Oporto next door instead. Then to a random Korean convenience store on Pitt Street to get some snacks and cup noodles. Alas, no photos because I was semi-tipsy. Damn you, red wine.

We stayed the night in the city at a hotel and in the morning I had to leave around 8am-ish because I had to get back to babysit my other cousin, who is 12, because it's the school holidays. But before that I needed my breakfast. And by breakfast, I mean coffee.

And, with that generous introduction over, have 4 photos of Starbucks. XD


I usually sit upstairs when I go to the Starbucks at Capitol Square. I think it's the best looking Starbucks in Sydney. I like the one at Cockle Bay Wharf more but that's because of the view. The inside vibe is rather cold.

Anyhoo, this has been a very slow week for me. The semester's over and I need to look for a job. Yep. Oh, and I'm so aiming to get my Learner's licence this week. I calculated it and, oh my gosh, I won't get my full licence until I'm like 28 or 29.

FYI, I got my Learner's licence when I was 16. Then it expired. Then never bothered to take the test again. Now that I'm 25, I don't need to bring a log book or have had my licence for a minimum period to take the test for the P1 licence. So, so aiming to get my P's by the end of the year. My dad is getting old and he only bought the new car because of me. Our other car was in an accident and irreparable. It's currently sitting on the front lawn because, well, it's worthless and we don't know what to do with it. Anyhoo, he was asking for car ideas and I was like "I want this car!" and he bought it ... yeah. I suppose we needed a new car and he's old and doesn't really want to drive anymore and my brother has a car so it seems only logical, I guess, that the car be one that I would like to drive.

Okie dokie ... that's all. Just trying to kill time 'til the tennis starts! Go Federer!

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