고진감래 (gojingamlae) - coke, soju, beer cocktail? maybe?

I can't really provide an English translation. I don't even know what the literal translation of the Korean name is. This is basically an alcoholic beverage made with coke, soju and beer. You need a beer glass and 2 shot glasses that fit within the beer glass. We (my friends and I) had an experience at a restaurant where the shot glasses were too wide for the beer glass. So we had to, uh, improvise some other way. XD

So, you put a half full shot glass of coke into the beer glass. Don't fill it up too much because when you put the next shot glass on top it'll overflow.


Then you put in a shot glass of soju on top of the shot glass of coke.


Then fill the beer glass with beer.


And then cheers and then drink in one shot! The coke at the end makes the drink sweet when you get to the end so make sure you drink it! If it gets stuck, then shake your glass!

The first time I encountered this drink was at a sleepover at my friend's house. She's an international student from Malaysia who loves Korean things. We didn't get to buy soju at the time and so we replaced it with vodka. It doe not taste the same. It tastes horrible. So horrible that when we drank it as a punishment when losing a game we were playing, it was an actual punishment.

In Sydney, the restaurants that we've made this at and consumed are Haru, Kobow, Zozo, Milliore and Angry Chicken. You just ask for extra shot glasses. XD

It's a really good drink and the amount of times I've like gotten knocked out from this drink - countless. So drink responsibly!

And BONUS photo:


I was looking through photos and this was in the background. Just a whole bunch of empty cans and bottles. I found it amusing. Hope you do too! XD

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