LQ photos from my phone

KeepCup and green tea at the train station.

 New takoyaki place at Market City. Freshly made to order. Really good. $8 for 6.

Charlie Lovett. Came in after class had a latte. Really good vibe to it. Shame only had my phone on me to take photos.

 Bumming around at uni.

Starbucks at Cockle Bay Wharf. I like the views it has but the atmosphere is, I don't know, kind of cold. 

 Seems like there were X-Factor auditions on this day (17th May 2012)

Paella for dinner. The whole dinner all up cost me almost $40. Didn't have that much on me and my friend had to pay part of it for me. Internet banked her the next day. Usually we go for Korean which is much cheaper once you divide the bill.

Anyhoo, just felt like blogging something. Exams are coming up so I don't know how present I'll be. But, it's my last exams! So, I'm going to try hard!

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