I kept meaning to buy one after seeing honeyhype's post about them. Looking back on her post, I should have been braver with my colour choice. Ah, well. Next time.

I bought these around 5pm on Tuesday and they got here the following Monday. Pretty fast if you ignore the public holiday and the weekend. I wasn't expecting it to arrive on Monday.


You get to choose the colours for almost all of the parts. This is a medium sized cup which holds 340ml (I thought large might be too big?) and cost $14.00. Plus shipping this cup cost $20. Worth it, I think. Think of all the coffee cups you throw away!

I know that if you bring a cup to the coffee shop at my uni that they take 50 cents off the price of your coffee. I think. At least I remember seeing a blackboard sign saying so a few weeks ago. I'm hoping that cafes and coffee shops will let you have their coffee in the KeepCup. Has anyone tried bringing a cup (any cup or travel mug, etc) to a Starbucks or Gloria Jeans? Do they fill the cup for you?

Anyhoo, get your own KeepCup at their website!

(I'm not quite happy with the photos I took. The light in my house is just ... >.< Planning on building my own lightbox sometime soon. Adding that to my list of things to do XD)

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