La Premiere, Hoyts, Entertainment Quarter

On Thursday night I attended the Nuffnang pre-screening of sci-fi flick Iron Sky at La Premiere at Hoyts, Entertainment Quarter.

After waiting awkwardly at Cinema Paris at the meeting time and place we met up with Kimberley (or is it Kimberly) from Hoyts. She was bright and friendly when taking us on a tour of  Hoyts and their La Premiere section. I've actually never been inside Hoyts at Entertainment Quarter and it's so nice and classy. Not like my local cinema. Why can't all cinemas have such a classy feel?

Some tidbits from the tour:
  • La Premiere has a bar! Yep. That was important to me. They also have a menu and they can deliver the food to the cinema. Wonder how they find the person it's for in the dark? XD
  • We saw studio/cinema 6. Most of the cinema has seats like a normal cinema. At the back though there's a smaller section of red seats with tables. 
  • Seems like seeing film like old school style from actual prints will be a thing of the past. Films seem to be moving to a digital format for broadcast in a cinema. Though, I bet it'll come back like how instant cameras/polaroids are in right now. Just give the hipsters time!
Below are some photos taken with my friend's phone. I didn't bring my camera because I didn't and I should have and I regret it now ... XD

This is studio 12. This is where we watched the film. It seats about 36 people. Though that's a guess. Each row had 9 seats and there were 4 rows. So 36. Pretty intimate space. It'd be a great place to have an event for a birthday or something.

We got free popcorn and water. That Corona is paid for. $9.

It was quite a fun night out. I looked up the ticket prices for Men in Black 3 in 3D for La Premiere. $78 for 2 tickets plus glasses. It's $76 without the glasses. So works out roughly almost $40 per ticket. But that's for 3D maybe the 2D movies are differently priced. But you should check the website for prices because I'm a horrible blogger and I'm writing this from memory now!

I think the only movie I really badly want to see that would justify paying that money would be the upcoming Joss Whedon flick The Cabin in the Woods, if they were showing it in La Premiere. DON'T watch the trailer, is the advice I've been given. You're better off just watching the movie and being surprised because it's that good. Apparently the trailer may give too much stuff away! Maybe I'll just save and treat myself to it one day. XD

(This isn't an ad. I just wanted to blog about it. It was a really nice place XD)

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