Long time, no blog. I think January was just a big holiday hangover for me. Like, I kept telling myself that it was just the New Year and I had all this time to get all my sh*t together. This is untrue. It is now almost mid-February and yeah ...

BUT I have re-found my blogging mojo, somewhat. It's just a shame that my actual social life is, at the moment, not quite interesting. I'm currently doing my PLT 5 days a week and by the time it's the weekend I'm just UGH about having to do stuff. I don't know how you working people do it all the time. I mustn't have the stamina you guys do. I must work on that.

Anyhoo, this post is about earrings. During my lunch break I was walking around Pitt Street Mall. I had every intention of trying to find somewhere to sit and read a book. But alas, I found myself in Sportsgirl. And I bought earrings that were on sale.

So from $14.95 down to $2.95 for the dangling ones on the left and $0.95 for the skull stud and drop earring on the right. Also, excuse the kinda bad pics. Should have used a different lens. Ah, well.


Funny thing is when I brought them back to the office to show people one of the girls was like "OMG I BOUGHT THAT FOR FULL PRICE LIKE A MONTH AGO!" which is just crazy and made me think I should try to buy more stuff that is on sale unless I really have to have it right then and there. XD

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