The Carrington, Surry Hills

I was googling, trying to find somewhere to hold an early birthday/end-of-PLT event and The Carrington was one of the names that turned up in the search. Its menu looked amazing too. My first choice was Cafe Lounge but I didn't inquire early enough for that.

I had pre-drinks already at my old work and was running terribly late and had to take a taxi there. By the way, so difficult to get a taxi on a Friday night, on the street. Also, kind of embarrassing when a full taxi just drives right by you. XD


It was pretty packed. Lots of people standing. I asked the bartender if it's always like this. He says that on the other weekdays it's pretty quiet. Btw, these photos are like later in the night as people had left the place.


And here's what I ordered:

Calamari Slider - $6; Meatball Slider - $6

Both so good. And I love that they're mini in size because you can eat 2 sliders and not just one!

Jalapeno and smoked cheddar croquettes - $14

Pretty sure this is the kingfish pastrami on rye - $4, though feel free to correct me.

It had a pretty good vibe to it. I hope to come back to eat more of their food. The bartenders were super nice. They do take EFTPOS. Though I'm pretty sure they have a minimum before you can use it. I can't remember what amount it was though.

There are other places for functions. One day I'll like to book out The Apartment. Seems like it'd be a fun time.

The Carrington Specialite: Beba y Cene on Urbanspoon

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