Stitch Bar

I finally got to drink and somewhat dine at the much-hyped Stitch Bar.


I arrived just before 5pm. It was pretty empty. However, a lot of the booths were reserved. I was waiting for my friend, alone. And I am very awkward when I have to sit somewhere on my own when there are people not on their own. I just played with my phone and whatsapp'd my friend telling her that I'm already there ON MY OWN. I didn't have to wait long. She was there in about 5 minutes.


We sat next to the amazingly stocked alcohol cabinet which I clearly want in my life.


And the drinks:

Prudence - $18.50, though I could be mistaken. Feel free to correct me! I'm not really a cocktail person since they're quite pricey compared with a beer or wine but it was nice.

Ginger Collins - $17.00. Once again correct me if I'm wrong. This visit was back in April so my memory is a bit fuzzy. This was the cocktail the waitress recommended.

And the thing I was most looking forward to ... CURLY FRIES!


They sprinkle this chilli powder on it as well which makes it even more amazing. It was so crunchy when served and then like all fries, the colder they area the less crunchy they become. SO EAT THEM FAST!

When we ordered the waitress asked for a credit card to hold while we were there. This wasn't a problem for us, it's just this was something I wasn't aware of so FYI for anyone else. I don't know what they do if you don't have one handy. And I don't know if this is standard for the bar.

By the time we left at around 6pm the place was pretty full. Lots of standing around at the bar. So go early or book in advance!

  • Find Stitch Bar at 61 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
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