Gemelle Ristorante Italiano, Liverpool

Such a long time no blog. I'm going to be a better blogger in 2014. One of my New Year's Resolutions! So this has been sitting in drafts for a very long time...

Way back in September I did a google search for a restaurant close by to where I live for Father's Day lunch. My dad wanted to eat somewhere we haven't before and he wanted seafood. My google search led me to Gemelle Ristorante Italiano. And I love Italian food and I don't get to eat it enough when I'm out because I don't know where to go. And I don't really go to Leichhardt and I don't think I've really eaten Italian in the city. I think.


So, yes, Gemelle. I made a booking because it was Fathers'Day. It was pretty full. Lots of little kids, which is good because I was worried it'd be too fancy and stuffy or something. Nice clean interior though I think the tables were a bit too close to other tables. We had a lovely waiter whose name I didn't get and when I eventually thought to ask him, he was on his break. In other ways, we had an awesome waiter who knew the menu, recommended wine and beer and was generally friendly which is awesome.

So drinks. I had the beer that the awesome waiter recommended, Menabrea. Very smooth, not bitter. If I recall, I think I said to my family that it tastes like Peroni.


And to the entrees!

Fiori Di Zucchini

I finally got to eat zucchini flowers after seeing it all the time on MasterChef and it was amazing. Filled with ricotta and parmesan cheese and fried! Fried thing with cheese inside is one of my favourite things! I could eat a bowl on these on my own. I could only have 2. My local takeaway needs to sell this alongside their fried chips. XDDD

Gamberi All' Aglio

These are garlic prawns served in Napoletana sauce. So good. Though not enough prawns but more than enough sauce to dip the sides of bread in.


Lightly crumbed cheesy balls served on a Bolognese sauce. I loved cheese. I love cheese in a ball so this was so right for me.

Onto the mains...

Pappa Osso Bucco

Gnocchi Arragosta

I had the gnocchi and it was so good. From memory. I loved the sauce and the chewiness of the gnocchi. Much different to store bought gnocchi and sauce. So good. Damn it, I'm craving Italian food now.

Kingfish Fillets

And this is what my dad had for his Father's Day lunch. He wanted to eat seafood so this was one of the specials. It looks small but he didn't even finish so I guess that's a pretty big portion.

It was quite busy when we were there, understandably. Lots of families and the tables are a little too close together for my liking but there was great service and good food so I would definitely go again. Especially for those zucchini flowers.

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