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So this is my new favourite local place. (Oh, hey, now you can sort of geographically figure out where I am XD)I've been to Green Peppercorn twice. Once for my brother's birthday in June, and we did takeaway, and then in July for my dad's birthday. For my dad's birthday we got to eat in. Yay!


Green Peppercorn is located near Farifield train station and it is a really pretty and friendly restaurant. The staff is nice and helpful and friendly. My brother is friends with one of the waitresses and I totes thought he was trying to flirt with her every time she came to our table. But generally great customer service which, as you know, makes the dining experience better.

They do serve alcohol at this restaurant which pleased me greatly.

CHARCOAL BBQ OX TONGUE - Marinated ox tongue, grilled over a charcoal bbq. Served with mum’s special sauce - $10.90.

This was the first time I've had ox tongue. I'm not great with animal parts like tongue, liver, hearts and brains just because of the "ick" factor. Like "omg I can't believe I'm eating a tongue". But it didn't taste as tongue-like as I thought. It wasn't chewy like I imagined it would be. It was pretty soft and pretty amazing. All my hesitance from the fact that it's tongue was gone as soon as I tasted a piece of it. Would totes recommend.

SALT & PEPPER CALAMARI - Deep fried batter squid seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli, shallots served with mum’s special sauce and sweet chilli sauce - $16.90.

I ordered the soft shell crab but they had run out of crab so this was the alternative suggested to us. I've had lot of salt and pepper calamari in my life and they all generally taste about the same for me. It was good but I would have loved to try the crab. Maybe next time!

GANG PANANG (PANANG CURRY) with beef - Thick red curry with vegetables and shredded kaffir lime leaves.​

Beef panang curry is my favourite. I loved this. This was my favourite dish. I think it may be my all-time favourite Thai dish. I can't believe it took me so long to try this. Like, I've had it before but for years I was only a green curry person. But this is my fave. Forever.

YUM TALAY (SEAFOOD SALAD) - Mixed hot and sour seafood and fresh herbs dressed with chilli, palm sugar, mint leaves, shallots, lime, fish sauce tossed in a mesclun salad - $16.90.

NAM TOK (TIGER BEEF SALAD) - Thinly sliced charcoal bbq beef mixed with herbs and spices, toasted ground rice powder, red onions, chilli, mint leaves, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, shallots and lemon grass - $12.90.

I love me a good salad. For health reasons. Both salads were very good. I don't understand why my homemade salads are not as good!

PAD KEE MAO with chicken - Spicy Stir-fried flat rice noodles with oyster & soy sauce, garlic, egg, chilli and basil.

I'm pretty sure it was pad kee mao. Feel free to correct me! I love flat rice noodles and I love that fried taste that comes with the dish. I would have preferred beef because beef is my preferred meat but my brother wanted chicken.

And dessert. FRIED ICE-CREAM. Oh hello best thing ever.

Fried Ice-cream - Deep fried ice-cream wrapped in pastry, served with a coconut muesli and caramel sauce - $13.90.

Admittedly, I've not really eaten fried ice-cream. So I don't have much to compare it to but this was amazing. It's a pretty big serving and coming after a pretty big dinner this was a perfect serving size. It was shared amongst 3 people and it was so good. The outside was crunchy and the ice-cream still pretty solid inside. I love all the caramel and museli. SO GOOD.

I really recommend this restaurant if you're area and craving Thai food. It's really good and maybe just a little bit pricier than some other Thai places but you're worth it every once in a while.

Some FYI from Green Peepercorn's website:

Opening hours

12:00pm - 3:00pm (Mon - Sun)

5:30 - Last orders at 9:50pm (Mon - Wed)
5:30 - Last orders at 10:50pm (Thu - Sat)
5:30 - Last orders at 8:50pm (Sunday)
Friday & Saturdays Dessert Bar opened till 11:30pm

All guests must be over 18 or accompanied by a parent or guardian as the restaurant is part of Fairfield Hotel.

Also, food descriptions in italics are copied and pasted from the menu online at Green Peppercorn's website.

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