Darling City

EDIT 22/07/12: Pretty sure this restaurant has closed and replaced with a Chinese and Korean fusion restaurant.

I started typing this up last night but I somehow deleted the entry and had no motivation to type it up again. After a long sleep (12 HOURS!) I find my motivation has come back to me.

After a long day back at uni (9am start, 7am finish, though I guess that's really nothing compared to people who actually work!) I met up with a couple of friends and friends of friends and made some new friends. We didn't really know where to have dinner. We usually go eat at the same places if we haven't pre-planned a dinner outing. And so, we headed off to Pitt Street to have some Korean food for dinner. I've always walked past Darling City but have never eaten there. As we went inside they were playing the Korean variety show Running Man. Extra fun.

Pitcher of Hite beer - $27

Hite is a less bitter kind of beer. So it goes down well without leaving too much of an aftertaste. The pitcher is bigger than what I thought. Bigger than a jug from a pub.

Side dishes

Kimchi jjigae


My dream Friday night, wind down meal is just any kind of dumplings and beer. Love, love, love dumplings.


I should probably pay more attention when we order food. Half not coated in that spicy sauce and half covered in sauce. Whilst the red might make you think it'd be pretty chilli it was pretty mild. The chicken itself also had a sweetness to it that I was not expecting and I was pleasantly surprised.


I so thought they were pieces of apple before I popped them in my mouth.

We had dinner with a couple who had only been in Sydney for a few weeks and they agreed that Sydney was expensive. They were comparing Korean prices for food with Australian prices and it's much more expensive. Why, Sydney, why?!

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