Back to school: a miscellaneous post

Unless you're a working member of society and education is all behind you ... XD

First week was last week for me and it was pretty easy intro stuff because it's the first week. It's difficult to get back into a routine after 5 weeks of nothing. Getting up in the morning is especially hard.

Anyway, besides all that, ticket prices have come out for the 2011 K-Pop Music Fest. in Sydney (

VIP $289 / Gold $189 / Silver $139 / Bronze $89

I don't know how much ticket prices for a music festival are usually so I don't know how reasonable these prices are. It's arguable for the number and status of some of these groups its a pretty reasonable price. I'm betting some fans are going to fly in from interstate and/or overseas. Sydney and ticket buying is pretty accessible compared to other places so that's a major benefit for overseas fans.

I'm getting VIP. If the benefits of VIP are pretty good. Details have yet to be released as to what VIP includes. If you get VIP too, see you there! XDDDD

I've spent the past few days catching up on dramas. I've been watching (not in order of preference):
  • Japanese dramas

    • Zenkai Girl (Ryo!)

    • Hanawake no Yon Shimai

    • Ouran High School Host Club

    • Arakawa Under the Bridge (the crack!)

    • Ikemen desu ne (Tamamori Yuta love!)

    • IS

    • Detective Conan (I ship Ran and Shinichi so much! Their chemistry is amazing!)

  • Korean dramas

    • Heartstrings

    • Myung Wol the Spy

I have not caught up on City Hunter. Heard the ending was pretty good though. This Japanese drama season is pretty good. Lots of stuff to watch.

And ... dinner is cooked (Japanese style curry over pasta) ... wow, blogging is a great time filler! XD

How was your Monday?

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