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Last Sunday I had meant up with a few friends including some newcomers to Sydney. They hadn't been on a train in Sydney before and suffice to say, they weren't impressed. We met in Strathfield because they hadn't been and they were told that it was pretty Korean (one of them was Korean and the other fluent in Korean). I've only really eaten Korean food in the city where, I was soon to learn, it is quite overpriced.

Once again, bad blogger, did not take note of the names. The newcomers had ordered in Korean and I just didn't remember. The portions are big. I was expecting that tiny little bowl that you get in city Korean restaurants but these were so big! The bowl of rice cake and dumpling soup (not pictured because I didn't take a great photo of it) was $12 and was huge! We didn't even finish all of it among the four of us. We ordered 2 soups, 1 bibimbap and some tofu pancake thing and then we split the bill it was $12 per person. So impressed for the value for money. Must eat not in the city more often!

Also, if in Strathfield and in need of $2 ice-cream go to SQ Restaurant.

We were enticed by all the different flavours depicted on the colourful poster but alas, they only had chocolate and vanilla. Which is fine since I love vanilla but I would have loved to try melon flavoured ice-cream. The ice-cream comes int that tub thing and then she does something with the machine for the ice-cream to come out all swirly. (oh, I cannot right for anything right now XD). She gives you a small spoon so it lasts you pretty long!

  • Find CeCi Korean Restaurant at 37 The Boulevarde, Strathfield.
  • Find SQ Restaurant at 4 The Boulevarde, Strathfield.

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