The White House, UNSW

I'm a bad law student. I had all the intention in the world to go to class after 1 drink. But hanging out in The White House made it feel more like Friday than a Monday.

So a friend of a friend of a friend said that there was a new bar type place at UNSW, my alma mater. At the end of a post like this I would usually add an address. But it's not really on a street. You kind of have to get directions from someone who knows vaguely where it is. The White House's website/blog is not very helpful with directions either! Unless I completely don't know how to navigate a website.

Easiest way to find it is not the way we found it. Walking in the opposite direction. The best direction is that it's opposite the Fig Tree theatre. Or, if you're coming up from lower campus go towards the Quad lawn and turn left into where the Goldstein building is. Look for a 2 storey WHITE HOUSE. Get it? XD

On the wall as you enter. Guess that building's been there all along.

Cider - $6.00.
So good it deserves 2 photos. Better than 5 seeds. Doesn't take like alcohol at all.

If you head upstairs there's a cocktail bar and some very interesting looking furniture.

The drinking "glasses" for the punch.

Glass of Golden Ale - $4.60.

I loved drinking here. Loved the design, furniture and atmosphere of the place. I do not remember this building being there when I was at UNSW. I'm sure it was there but probably not all renovated and pretty like this. There are board games that you can play. Cheap and/or old versions of Connect 4, UNO and Guess Who. Upstairs behind the bar are a stack of board games to choose from as well. We had intense games of UNO and Connect 4. CONNECT 4. I lost one and won one. And, my gosh, you really need to pay attention. Everyone has different rules for UNO. I don't think anyone's every read the rules for UNO. We just all get taught right? 4pm - 5pm is Happy Hour with bottled beer (they have Heineken, Hahn Super Dry, Becks from memory) priced at $4. 

I'm hoping to go again. Since I've graduated from UNSW I haven't really been back so it was so nostalgic getting on the 891 and having to stand all the way. It's such a nice place to drink and oh, how I miss you UNSW!

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