Arisun, Chinatown

In celebration of end of semester a couple of friends and I went to Arisun for some chicken and beer. It was nice and sunny still at 6pm so it was nice to see the sunset as the night progressed.

We were confused what these were. We knew they were towels but they were so dry and small. Then someone had the bright idea to add water to them and they expanded and became wet towels for your hands. There are different sets you can order of chicken and beer as well as other stuff on the menu. We order set 5 which cost $80 altogether. It comes with chicken, 3000cc of beer, 1 bottle of soju and this vegetable and noodle platter thing whose actual name escapes me.

The waitress moved too fast! The above vegetable and noodle dish was all presented nicely and I was too slow to take a photo and she started mixing it for us already!

Chicken was hot (warm not spicy) and crunchy and FRIED. It comes with little dishes of cut radishes (I assume), salt and pepper and a bowl for your chicken bones. You get a choice of chicken for your set. Either Sun's Original chicken, a soy sauced based chicken or a spicy chicken flavours (I forget the names, as always. I must take pictures of menus next time). We opted for the original flavour.

We also ordered a bottle of Korean rice wine 막걸리 ($12) which they opened then transferred into this teapot and we get little bowls to drink it out of. We also ordered some seafood pancake ($20) to eat with it. This was good seafood pancake. Very crispy and not too soggy like it can be at other restaurants.

I would like to go again and try some of the other dishes and chicken varieties and to drink more! Maybe post-exam time ... XD

  • Find Arisun at 1 Dixon Street, Haymarket.
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