Writing this as I'm watching How I Met Your Mother ...

Distractions all round. I know I tweeted that I wasn't going to blog til like after Saturday. But, here I am. 
There's 2 and a half weeks til I'm exam free and I'm very behind in making notes and in reading.

 Last day of uni for this semester today, Thursday I have dinner, Friday I'm going to study all day, Saturday is the KPop concert, Sunday is for studying, Monday is study day at uni, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday is studying day and Friday is Princess Toyotomi watching at the Japan Film Festival, Saturday is exam number 1 and GANTZ watching at night. Then I have Sunday to Friday to study for exam number 2 that's on Saturday and then I'm done for this sem. I can spend the rest of my time from then worrying if I'll pass or not.

Also, I have a tumblr. But this tumblr is for things that have low quality mobile phone pictures and not enough to blog about. Not like this post is enough to blog about but whatever ... XD Link is down below! I don't really post that often but I tweet the link so you don't have to follow.

I've been sick for almost a week. I don't know how or from whom but this is not the best timing. Spent like 4 days in bed (Thursday to Sunday) because standing up made me dizzy and so I just slept for like 4 days. Such a waste of time!

And what was with Sydney's weather today! Such short bursts of horrendous rain! Walked from Town Hall to Chinatown without an umbrella and my feet were so soaked! Delayed trains! And it started off so hot and humid too.

Also, I've just finished watching this ep of How I Met Your Mother as I've been typing this and OMG THAT ENDING. It's the most recent one that aired so 7x09. And I 'm all ... !!!

Going to watch The Daily Show then sleep. Maybe.


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