Stage for the K-Pop Music Fest in Sydney 2011 (and a little Arashi)

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My friend tweeted a link to this. I was expecting to actually see the stage all set up and not this graphic. I wonder how long it takes to put together? Wonder if it's up right now? I suppose it would be. This is not a K-Pop Music Fest post. Sorry, if you're deceived! Not really. Some K-Pop Music Fest related stuff at the end.

I saw this and my immediate thought was "Ain't got nothing on Arashi". To wit, this is sort of an Arashi post. They're my favourite thing in the whole world. They're a 5 member male Japanese group and for the past 4 years (2008 to 2011) they've had the privilege of performing at the National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. Only one musical group or artist get to perform there a year. What made me think of Arashi was that ANZ Stadium (oh, remember when it was called Stadium Australia and not anything corporate related?) is the Australian equivalent and I just wanted to compare and contrast the stages, is all.

Image from a google image search which led me to this tumblr post.

See how full of people and pretty it is! They even have moving platforms so they move around as much as they can on the floor. They also have platforms that elevate so that people seated higher can see them. Sometimes they're on wires practically flying above the crowds. They have fireworks, water canons and balloons too!

I have VIP seats to the K-Pop concert so hopefully I'm not too far from the stage. I wonder how much you'll actually see from the seats. It's so far back. I wonder if they'll move people forward if there's still room on the floor ... hmm.

My friend linked me to the conditions of entry for the concert. Still don't know about bringing my DSLR. If anyone reading is going or know of someone going and know if they think it's okay to bring their DSLR - tell me! It doesn't explicitly state 'DSLR'. It says that 'large lens professional cameras' are prohibited and that 'still cameras (not professional) are permitted'. You know, they could have been much clearer if they used the terms 'point and shoot' and 'DSLR'. In the event they do search your bag, find the DSLR and determine it to be a prohibited item then you may be refused entry, is what I gather from the title 'conditions of entry'. And I don't want to risk that after I paid for my ticket. But what are the chances really? I remember I went to a U2 concert. It was sold out and I remember no bag checking or security ... oh, wait. That could be a lie. We had to get our tickets checked and there may have been bag checking. Memory is a bit stale.

Have some more Arashi ( - because Dailymotion won't let me embed) and uh, Akanishi Jin's new single "Test Drive". My first reaction to this PV was "JIN TAKE OFF YOUR SUNGLASSES AND HOODIE!" Trying to make people forget he's Japanese? IDK. Not a great PV but a catchy song.

Pointless post really. I'm just procrastinating. Last day of classes for semester and I don't really want to start studying. :D

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  1. Heey ! I'M going tomorrow as well and i actually went to buy a new lens (50mm 1.8) and im quite determained to sneak it in :/ my lens is short so ah they shld let me i hope :/ actually thinking of calling anz