[2009] Poporo, Market City

I have a lot of spare time of my hands before uni starts up again so I was browsing through some old photos and decided to post some. These are old. This is from a trip to Poporo in Market City in December of 2009. It's at the top most level of Market City. I think it used to be that you order from a touch screen but currently, that is the last time I went there (sometime last year), you order normally via a waiter/waitress. It's very pretty and clean and somewhat upbeat looking inside which is a plus. There's a discount if you show your student card. From memory, I don't think they let you pay separately. And here are some photos!

Chicken karaage.
I think it was listed on the menu as a side dish but is like a meal in itself.
Squid ink spaghetti. More creamy than squid ink-y.
Some kind of burger. Obviously. XD That's renkon right?
Some sort of katsu set. 

  • Find Poporo at Market City, Top Floor, Shop 301, 9-13 Hay Street, Haymarket.

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