Last Night: Hotplate Steak House

Fighting off post-exam sleep deprivation and general foreboding about results I went to my friend's belated birthday dinner. This dinner was forced upon her. She didn't really want to do something but we overpowered her and she ended up having fun - so, lesson here is say "Yes" to things.

We tried out this Taiwanese Steakhouse place next to the Taiwanese dessert place in Chinatown. You know, the dessert place with the massive line (by the by, dessert place is okay but nothing to wait in line for. Choose a time in the day when the line isn't so long).

There's a set for dinner time and if you buy 2 sets you get $9.95 off the second set. Or something like that. A set is $19.95.

Garlic baguette
KongFu Onion Soup. (Have a choice between this and corn soup).

Shotglass of sorbet. Strawberry, me thinks.
Main: New York Sirloin Steak. (Have a choice between 4 mains).
Ice-cream (Can choose between ice-cream and a fruit platter).
 Plus, you get a choice of drink either hot black tea, iced black tea and iced green tea.

I got pretty full around the onion soup and baguette time. Dipping the bread in the soup is AMAZING. And of course there was birthday cake that my friend bought for my other friend from 85 Degrees Bakery. Cheesecake. It was amazing but we were so full and trying to eat that wonderful piece of cheesecake was torture! XD

Karaoke afterwards at SM Karaoke (I have no real idea about what it's actually called). Take the stairs next to Madang, which is somewhere off Pitt Street.

Fun night out. Crashed as soon as I got home. Good way to end summer session.

  • Find Hotplate Steakhouse at 42 - 48 Dixon Street, Haymarket.

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