Guess what this kitty is saving for?

I've resolved to save money to go to Japan some time this year for about 10 days (uni schedule and money is limiting the amount of time I can go overseas). I plan to go alone if no one wants to go with me. I don't know how my dad will feel about that. I want to go after Easter because I have a week off uni then plus it's around my birthday and I thought "Frak this. I'm going to be 24 and I'm a little bit in limbo at the moment might as well not think about it for a week or so." XD That is my logic. I don't really deserve one. I think it feels better to go on holiday after accomplishing something. When I went to Japan in 2009 it was because I finished my undergraduate degree. When I went to the Philippines last year it was because I finished up my 1st semester of law school relatively unscathed plus I wanted to see my Lolo (grandfather) after a prolonged period of not seeing him. So, to me, it feels a little pointless if I go on holiday (holiday from what?) without accomplishing anything. Some people can just go on holiday because it's a holiday. I feel somewhat guilty. Probably because the money I'm spending is not my own.

So, as I sit in front of the computer procrastinating (I have a commercial law exam soon-ish. I should be stuyding) I decided that I should make start in trying to save up.

I given myself 2 time periods to save up for:

28 April - 8 May or 19 July to 31 July. Flying Jetstar from Sydney return, currently, will cost $1021.97. That number is my goal.

Obviously this doesn't factor in accomodation, JR Rail Pass, food, expenses. But little steps first.

That Hello Kitty money box now has a lock and I WILL NOT REMOVE any money from it. It has around 4 bucks inside it at the moment. Let's hope I don't have a moment of weakness and crack it open to buy booze. XD

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