Garnier Nutrisse: Dark Blonde

$15.28 from Big W. Almond Creme Dark Blonde.
The last time I dyed my hair was August 2010. So my roots were showing and colour was fading. Turning from brown to some odd reddish colour. I was hoping for a lighter brown this time around. I used a blonde dye because that's more likely to get my dark, Asian hair brown than, well, brown. XD

I think the lighting and the setting on my camera may not reflect the actual colour of the hair.
Maybe I should have used 2 bottles instead of 1. In any case, my hair is mostly one colour now. The layers of hair underneath are largely untouched by the dye. Probably due to my application of it through my hair. A bit uneven me thinks. It's darker than before too which I find a little bit odd considering it's dark blonde.  Maybe I chose too light of a shade of blonde? The colour usually goes lighter after a while, so fingers crossed!

I love the after-dye smell of hair. I keep sniffing my hair. XD

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