I've been eating ice block things all day instead of actual food. Actual food is warm and it is much too hot for that.

Summer school is almost over just an exam in  few days which I have no notes for and haven't attended a lot of the seminars for either. I was going to start studying today but it's too HOT. It's supposed to be mid-30's in Sydney for the rest of this week. Me thinks I should esape the heat and travel all the way to uni to study where it's air conditioned. Except, it's all the way in the city. Travelling in this weather is just something I do not want to do.

As for my summer goals:

6. Eat less junk food: I've been pretty good at not doing this. Although, at times I REALLY do crave a burger. I want a good one. I keep seeing good looking burgers on food tumblrs and I almost drool over the keyboard.

Everything else has not happened. Since today is the 1st of the month a new start. To refresh.

I can't study in this heat, you guys. >.<

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