100th post: This time last year

This is my 100th post! I started this post pre-exam period in November 2010. I had been reading some food blogs and blogging seemed like an interesting and seemingly productive way to pass the time. I remember refreshing the page so much to see the counter go up. XD So yay to 100!

Since I've been at home for the past week (which was probably good idea since the weather in Sydney has been horrible) I've decided to do a post about this time last year. Or approximately around that time. Around this time last year I had just arrived in Sydney after a month long holiday in the Philippines. It was the middle of summer and very, very hot and humid. In retrospect, I didn't get to do much. Lots of visits to family and to malls. "Malling" they call it. XD I experienced a typhoon, black outs (they call it "brown outs"), heat, internet deprivation and slight boredom. It's not really easy to get around if you don't speak the language. And I was paranoid that everytime I spoke English I would be ripped off. I don't know how to catch a jeepney on my own. Took a taxi to a lot of places or got driven. I didn't get to do all of the tourist things that tourists do. Like go to beaches or resorts. Or go clubbing. I really wanted to go clubbing. I've seen photos of my cousin clubbing and it looks like fun. XD

Anyway, some photos from my trip ... XD

Mags at Night
Chowking halo halo
Matt Evans, Pintado Festival, Tacloban
View from Hotel Alejandro
Bool Elementary School
MacArthur Park early in the morning
Ayala StationNilaga in Tagaytay


Glorietta 5

Manila Hotel


What I loved when I was there was the cheapness of things. When you convert from Australian dollar to Philippine pesos it's really quite cheap. I love that they have stores that we don't have like Forever 21, H&M, Jollibee, Penshoppe, Bench, etc. Their malls are amazing and if you go to the city areas the areas are really quite pretty. Next time I go I'd like to go with friends but there's a greater chance of getting to see all the tourist places. XDDD

My dad's going again at the end of the month. I would have gone with him except I start uni at the beginning of August. I told him to go earlier so it would fit with my break but he's going at the same time as his sister (who's in San Francisco) so they'd all be there at the same time. Alas, there's always next year. XD

So, yay. 100th post!

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