A photoless post

The internet is completely boring right now. I feel like I've run out of things to do online. Hence, a random, pointless blog entry.

A lot of my friends are going back to uni tomorrow and most of their online posts have been about that. I don't start uni again until August. Results are released on Wednesday. I'm not the best student so I am quite nervous about the results.

In the past 3 weeks or so I have done nothing of note. With 2 weeks to go I  am definitely going to get my L's. I just have to. I've been putting it off for so long. Largely because I'm scared that I'm going to be a crap driver. But almost everyone learns how to drive. All types and manner of people and if they can do it then so can I, right?

I only have 1 goal for the remainder of this break because when I  have too many I get none of them done. Oh, and  I want read some books before uni starts up and I have no time to read non-law materials. Still have A Game of Thrones to read. I was going to finish it before I finished watching the series.

All those plans I made in my head ... sigh. Well, only 4 months, maybe, 'til the next break! Apparently, I'm going on holiday to the US and Canada in December so there's that to look forward to! My friends are planning to go to Hong Kong in February 2012. I want to go too!

Anyhoo, pointless post for me to pass the time ... Going to watch the Sherlock  Holmes movie to see how it differs from the Steven Moffat mini-series. I think there's quite a difference in tone ... XD

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