Hotplate Steak House

Long time no blog! I feel like it's been a long time. XD

On Tuesday night my friends and I made our second visit to Hotplate Steakhouse in Chinatown after ice-skating at Canterbury. I was such fail on the ice. Such, such fail. My first visit, which I blogged about, was in February. My friends and I have been calling it the Taiwanese Steakhouse. But I don't think that is its actual name. On this second visit I brought my DSLR and yay for better pictures!

The first time we went there it had just opened so it had a discount on the price of the sets. No such luck this time. The menu for the hotplate feast set was largely the same. The only difference being was that they brought out the sorbet earlier, the salad had a different dressing and they no longer pour the pepper sauce on the steak hotplate. They give you a dish with the sauce and you pour it as you like. I ordered the New York sirloin steak as my main and this time they didn't ask how I'd like it to be cooked. It turned out fine anyway, not well done, not rare.

The set is $19.95 and is pretty good value for money. You leave full. And on this particularly night I was that kind of sick kind of full. We had binged on KFC after ice-skating and were still a little bit full from that. XD

Wah, what a lazy blog entry this is ... more pics than words!
  • Find Hotplate Steakhouse at 42 - 48 Dixon Street, Haymarket.

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