Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

Oh, it's so so scratched. Must take better care of my things.

I've had this camera for a few years now. It no longer exists in this form, I think. It's now the SuperHeadz Wide and Slim Camera. They come in many bright colours but from my internet googling, serves the same function as its predecessor. I don't remember what made me buy it. I just remember seeing photos taken with it and I wanted it. I went on ebay and bought it for around $10, I think. My memory's a bit hazy. It doesn't need a battery, it doesn't have a flash, it uses 35mm film and works best with lots and lots of light. It doesn't weigh very much and it takes a photo quite quickly. Be sure to keep your hand steady and don't move too quickly after the shot's taken to prevent blur, though I s'pose you can say that about every camera. XD

If you want to know more about the technical side of it ... google. XD

Yes, I'm a bad blogger.

I have a lot of free time on my hands so I dug up my scanner and scanned some of the photos taken with the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim. The scanner made them look darker than they actually are. They look much better in person.

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