Bossypants by Tina Fey, The Book Depository

I arrived home this rainy Sydney day to find a package from The Book Depository ( We all know that books in Australia are majorly overpriced and the truth is it is much cheaper for people to buy books (as well as many other things) online. I haven't bought books online before. I usually go to a book store, sigh and fork over the money for the book. I remember when books were much cheaper. They were right? Since when was the starting price of a book like over $10 or $15?

I chose to buy off Book Depository because they're cheap and have free shipping. Yes. Free shipping. I wonder how they make a profit?

I ordered it on the 21st February, the book was dispatched on the 24th and was in my hands by the 29th.

I love 30 Rock. Love it so much and as a result I think Tina Fey is amazing. When she released this book I wanted to buy it straight away but I think it must have been in the $20 dollar plus range when it came out and I just didn't buy it. (It's still $32.99 at Dymocks). But Bossypants came up somewhere on the website with that low price tag ($10.50) and I could justify purchasing it to myself even though I have many books that I still have not read (I'm looking at you 1Q84). XD

So I'm going to enjoy reading that sometime this week before all the uni readings pile up. Or maybe this is how my uni readings pile up ...

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