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A couple of friends can back from overseas and I met up with them at dinner with a bunch of friends last night (Sunday). It was also an end-of-holiday/back-to-uni dinner was some of us too. Finally, in my last semester right now. First day back today and already worried about my time management.

Anyhoo, we had Korean for dinner last night and lots of soju and beer was had. Which was good because I haven't drunk a lot in a long time with other people. Bits of memory from leaving the restaurant and the train ride back are ... missing. I wasn't falling-over drunk. I was talkative-loud drunk and missing-little-bits-of-memory drunk. It was somewhat stress relieving. Catching up and just talking with a whole bunch of friends didn't hurt either. XD

So, yes, people came back from overseas and they handed out souvenirs.

These are photos that you can purchase from the Johnny's store in Japan. They aren't really that big fans of Johnny's people so the shop was probably underwhelming. Actually, even fans say the store itself is pretty crap. The only thing worth buying, to me anyway, are the photos. I just want them. I don't know what I'd do with them but yeah. I don't know what other stuff you can get there.

There's also a bunch of unofficial idol shops. I think that's where they got the pacer/mechanical from. Don't really think I could bring that to law school with me. XD Those have unofficial photos like taken by media and apparently some private and paparazzi ones too. That one of Matsumoto Jun, the guy without a shirt, is an unofficial photo.

The phone charm thing is from KDrama Heartstrings. I didn't finish the drama so I don't know if that bear makes an appearance anywhere. XD

And random things from my day ...

I was in the IGA in Market City and saw these as I lined up to pay. Kis-My-Ft2 are endorsing these mints soon-ish? This cost me 3 bucks and the only reason I bought them was because I knew they were or will endorse them. Lame, I know.

My new headphones. These are a really pretty pink-red colour. I bought them from Officeworks while buying supplies. It was around $10. I'm trying to save up for those Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. I want the white over ear ones. Putting that on a birthday list.

And the mints with the the headphones with the iPod.

And, yeah. That's all.

And it's midnight already.

Rather pointless but I wanted to blog. So, yeah. :D

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