(CLOSED) Alice met Charlie Dessert Factory, Randwick

My friend's sister had recently moved to Randwick. After one of my summer school assessments I visited my friend's sister's new place. It's in a pretty nice area of Randwick. Close to cafes, restaurants, pubs and this dessert place.

It was a hot day and I don't know why we sat outside and not inside. I suppose outside you get to watch people walk by and sit on colourful chairs. As we were sitting a man, who I later discovered was the owner, asked us how we were. Rather nice of him, I thought, after I realised he wasn't just a random person saying hello.


They have a variety of flavours of ice-cream and toppings. I chose peanut butter flavoured ice-cream, as the result of a suggestion by a visiting American (my friend's friend), with Oreo toppings ($5.60). It tasted so much like peanut butter, which I suppose is the point. It was good but like peanut butter, it has that salty taste that I don't really equate with ice-cream. My friend had cheesecake flavour with apple crumble topping. Yes. Enjoy photos.

I should visit Randwick more.

  • Find Alice met Charlie at 51 Perouse Road, The Spot, Randwick, NSW, 2031.

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