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Self-portrait in PJs.

1. The one thing you’re really particular/ obsessive compulsive about is…?
Nothing really. Closing all the doors whenever I leave the house? Does that count? No, I don't think so. Hmm.

2. Are you particular about grammar?
I am even though I'm not particularly good at it myself. I'm an English major and I did extension 2 English in high school so I should be good at it. But I'm not. I'm constantly googling because I don't want to sound or write like an uneducated person. XD

3. Were you a good student/ are you good at studying?
In primary and high school, yeah. Well, no. In primary and high school it wasn't so hard to get good marks without really trying. But I never really used to do my homework. I did assignments at the last minute or late. But somehow still ended up on my school's honour roll in year 11 and 12. Maybe my grade was stupid? XD I haven't gotten better at doing things on time. I was a pretty horrible undergrad student. I'm not a particularly good law student now. I keep meaning to do better every semester but it doesn't happen. I just get by.

4. What is your favourite type of food to eat?
Ice-cream! That's a food. I suppose noodle dishes? Like ramen, pho, laksa and udon. I don't really have many favourite things. I have phases when a certain food or thing is what I have to have all the time. At the moment it's noodles.

5. Do you have a favourite place, if so, where and why?
Japan? Even though I've only been there once. I like that it's busy and that there's more things to do there. Places are open longer. When it's late in Japan you can still go out and do stuff. In Sydney, if I wanted to get something to eat in the middle of the night there is nothing really open within walking distance of my house. If it were Japan there would at least be a vending machine or a convenience store open. Even in the suburbs, I suspect.

6. What are your dressing habits?
I'm not the best dresser, to be honest. I usually wear jeans and a tshirt. On days where I think I look horrible I put on earrings and think I look better. It makes me feel better at least. I try not to wear solid coloured tshirts. Like, I don't wear shirts with characters or words on them anymore. Well, not outside. When I do I feel like I look like a kid. I'm short and Asian and I get carded a lot so I'm trying to reduce that impression.

7. Face to face socialising or virtual (phone, computer/ net) socialising?
I like people so face-to-face. But I'm awkward face-to-face. So, face-to-face only if I really like you. Otherwise I'm much more comfortable sms-ing or Facebook-ing or tweeting people. XD

8. Where are your favourite places to shop?
Kinokuniya, Forever 21, H&M, ZARA. I've only been to the last 3 shops in the Philippines and Japan though. Still have not been to the ZARA in Sydney. When I was in the Philippines I went to H&M and ZARA all the time. In Sydney, I say there's not many places to shop but that's probably a big lie. I haven't been shopping in a while so ...

9. What is your heritage?
My parents are Filipino. They moved to Sydney in the 1980s and I was born and raised here. I don't know how to speak Filipino. I only know a few words. I understand more than I can speak. My Japanese is better than my Filipino. So, there's that.

Fun fact: People often think I'm Indonesian or Thai. I don't really see it. XD

10. In regards to self improvement, is there something you would like to learn/ pick up?
I want to learn more languages. At one point I wanted to be a translator or interpreter but I had no other language that I was fluent in. I want to get better at Filipino, Japanese and Korean. I want to pick up the piano again. I had lessons since I was a kid then quit. So, I want to start playing again. Learning one piece at a time. I have a guitar and a ukulele, both of which I do not know how to play so I'd like to learn that.

Oh, yeah, I should probably learn how to drive too.

11. What are your long term goals in life?
Get a job. Work overseas while I still can. Buy a big house.

I want to be in a position to provide for my family. Like, if they needed help, I could do something for them. At the moment I can't really do anything.

At some point I'd like to get married and have kids but that seems so far away. Lots of the people I went to high school are married and have kids already. The people I went to uni with have not and they don't think it's going to happen for a while. They're currently all worried about work and their future and so am I.


I do not know enough people in the blogosphere to tag anyone. So, I shall not tag anyone or make up a list of questions. I'm lazy like that. But answering this was kinda fun. :D

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